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I’ve always wondered if eevee might have other evolutions that we haven’t discovered yet. Maybe they’d look something like this?

breathing heavily

… WANT. Eevee is my favourite because it can evolve into so many kinds… PLEASE let them do this…

these are cute, I also always wanted eevee to evolve into a stronger NORMAL type at some point? (is that what the top one is supposed to be showing?) like just raise it without using a stone on it and at level, like, 30 or something it would evolve by itself and just stay normal

these are my favourite fanmade eevee designs ever

after vaporeon, jolteon, and flareon I can’t help but feel that none of the other eeveelutions I’ve seen that I can recall, canon or not, feel like they “fit in” with the themes originally given and I can’t get myself to really like them

I really like the normal one here though, I too have always wanted eevee to have a “normal” evolution

also what type is the top centre one? I’m waaaay behind on my pokemon knowledge but I like that one, too

normal, fighting, poison, ground, flying, bug, rock, ghost, dragon, steel
oh god i want them all 

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